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Meet Jerry Warner, he was Nebraska's first ever Dual Threat Quarterback. He felt a strong obligation to his two families, the one at home in Beaver City and his brothers on Cornhusker Field in Lincoln. In 1910 the local Press had put the fate of the teams success directly on his shoulders, before he ever took a snap. This small town Nebraska kid would conquer this new version of College Football, quickly proving he was one of the best in the Midwest. His strength and fearlessness continued off the field when he volunteered to become an Army Air Corps Pilot in World War I. That decision would change his life forever, it lead him to the love of his life, Marji.

Starring Jessica Dol, Donnie Dodge, Kevin Kugler, Adam Carriker, Michelle Williamson, Lily Dodge(Ovens), Geoff Boedeker and William Cutler Cole IV. Featuring original Music from Kid Nebraska.

77 Minutes(2021). Family Friendly.

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